Futuristic Climate Controls  focuses on following:

Gas Burner Controls

We offer all type of sensors & controls for Gas burner controls from Honeywell range such as Thyristor Power Controller, Thyristor Controller, Flame Sensors, Flame Switches, Ignition Transformers, Burner Sequence Controllers, Air Pressure Switches, Gas Solenoid Valves, Gas Control Valves, Gas Pressure Switches, Servo Actuators for two stage burners as well as Servo Actuator and Controller for modulating burners. We also offer Gas Trains and Gas Train Components like Gas Filters, Gas Pressure Regulators, Slam Shut Off Valves, Gas Pressure Relief Valves, Gas Solenoid Valves. We also undertake Oil to Gas conversion jobs.

HVAC Controls

We offer all type of sensor & controls from Honeywell range for chilled water based Air Handling Units & Fan Coil Units. Our range of products includes Strainers, Balancing Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Two Way & Three Way Motorized Valves for Chilled Water & Hot Water, Thermostats, Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Humidity Controllers, Velocity Sensors, DP Switches, AHU Controllers, Fire Damper Actuators etc.

Industrial Controls

We offer Thyristor Controller, Thyristor Power Controllers, PID Controllers, Paperless Recorders, Temperature & Pressure Transmitters from Honeywell range.

Machine Automation

We offer Servo Motor, Servo Drive &  PLC based Servo Controller for applications such as Servo system for Plastic Bag Making Machines, Servo system for Sticker Servo system for Labeling Machine, Servo system for Auger Machine, Servo System For Pouch Form Fill And Seal Machine, Servo System for Hydraulic Press Brake & Shearing Machine, Servo System for Metal Profile Cutting Machine, Servo System for On Line Cable Cutting machines.

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