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    Honeywell Gas Burner Controls
    With our Honeywell gas burner controls, the customers will be able to control various industrial burners in some moments. These controls are broadly utilized in diversified engineering and electronic businesses due to their compact design, corrosion resistance, durability, seamless finish, and less handling.
    Honeywell Paperless Recorders
    If you have not used paperless recorders in your business then purchase our Honeywell paperless recorders that are popular for their silent operation, low handling, flexible functioning, and more features. Our recorders also have power down protection and auto-diagnostic function.
    Honeywell Limit Switches
    Presence of Honeywell Limit Switches can be noticed in material handling systems like cranes and conveyors, agricultural systems and automotive equipments. Featured with IP protection grade sealing, these switches are totally protected against electrical shock and vibration. These switches can be easily fitted with screws.
    Baumer Pressure & Temp Gauges
    Baumer Pressure & Temp Gauges utilize transducer based bimetallic technology for determining temperature and pressure. Working principle of these instruments can be defined on the basis of volumetric gas expansion rules. Offered in different diameter based options, these are Eco friendly.
    Honeywell PID Controllers
    Low maintenance Honeywell PID Controllers are acknowledged for their multiple alarm setting modes, digital display arrangement and simultaneous cooling and heating functions. Designed by skilled professionals, these allow their operators to select temperature controlling parameters as per specific application needs.
    Thermodynamic Steam Traps
    Thermodynamic Steam Traps are widely used in steam distribution lines. They use condensate pressure for opening the trap and discharging the condensate. They are compact, durable and lightweight products sure to meet the needs of different sectors.
    City Technology Gas Sensors
    City Technology Gas Sensors are truly useful in verifying presence of different gases like hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and others. Known for their reliable operation, these cost effective gas sensors are preferred for their quick response time, error free operation, low maintenance quality and required safety arrangements.
    Honeywell Thermostat Switches
    Honeywell Thermostat Switches are widely used as crucial parts of electrical systems in different industries. These precisely developed switches are over temperature proof and these have been designed as per industry specified safety standards. Simple to install, these have prolonged working life.
    Honeywell Particle Sensor
    Our Honeywell particle sensor has great ability to identify and locate even the minute particle in any operations. It utilizes the light dispersing technique to locate and count particles in various solutions in any working environment. This sensor is also completely calibrated for smooth operations.
    IP Converter
    This IP converter is used in different housings for rails installation, cabinet installation and field installation. It also functions like a side-in type converter for varied kinds of installations. This also changes signal into standard signals to make operations simple and precise.

    Electromagnetic Flow Meter
    Our ABB electromagnetic flow meter is simple to use, versatile and most precise flow meter that is designed for every process business usages. This meter offers an effective output signal, which suits the customers requirements. It also delivers several specific qualities that no other flow meter offers.
    Pneumatic Positioner
    The offered Pneumatic positioner is used for effective communication through HART or other integrated software inside the positioner group. In addition, the unmatched vibration and shock immunity of our positioner differ itself from other instruments available to the users. It ensures reliable working under the toughest conditions.
    Fiber Optic Cable
    This Autonics Fiber Optic Cable FD-620-10 has effective diffuse sensing type mechanism for varied usages. It has a normal head form with 2mm and 6mm cable length and hood diameter, respectively. Moreover, it has significant sensing distance and fiber diameter for proper functioning and installation.
    Optical Amplifiers
    The provided Autonics Fiber Optical Amplifier BF4RP delivers elevated performance and special highlights. It has a minimized structure that is outlined to suit into narrow areas. Moreover, this amplifier possesses quick response time and speed in every application, it is used.
    Proximity Sensor
    Our proximity sensor delivers 500Hz frequency and DC 3 wire in varied applications for precise and smooth working. This sensor possesses PNP type output and non-shield structure for effective operations. In addition, it is dimensionally precise and is provided in a cylindrical shape to the customers.
    Modular Tower Light
    The provided Autonics Tower Light PLP-302-RYG is basically used on small and medium-sized towers. It has an effective aluminum pole as well as plastic mount base that is provided with three lights for bright and clear visibility at night.
    Piezo Buzzer
    The customers can buy our Autonics Piezo Buzzer B2PB-B1D in customized models for their certain applications. however, this buzzer is accessible in the market to select intermittent and consistent sound in varied operating conditions. It also has a polished and simple design for aesthetic appeal.
    Photoelectric Sensors
    Our Photoelectric sensor is designed in a cylindrical shape that highlights long identification distance of over 20 m alongside fast response time of 1ms. We have integrated diffuse reflective mechanism as a sensing mode in our sensor. Only caliber plastic or brass material is used to make this sensor.
    Digital Counters
    If you are looking for a dimensional accurate timer for your manufacturing unit and allied applications then use our Autonics Counter/Timer CT6S-2P4 once! This timer has the ability to adopt different communication functions to avail every monitoring and parameter setting from PC.
    Hybrid Recorder
    This Modern Hybrid Recorder is available with high-tech input modules that can be easily expanded up to 30 channels. It is designed to easily and freely configure the data acquisition environment.
    Digital Paperless Recorder
    We have integrated a caliber touch screen in our AUTONICS LCD Touchscreen Paperless Recorder KR1000 Series to help the customers in monitoring and setting parameters for performance and operations. In addition, this recorders screen has an intuitive control interface as well as outstanding visibility under any working condition.
    Rotary Encoder
    Futuristic Technologies delivers rotary encoder that is ideal for measuring distance, speed, position, angle, revolution, and acceleration in various applications. It rotates in a fast manner as well as has 1000 pulse each revolution. Moreover, it has 8mm hollow kind inner diameter that is appropriate for varied tough usages.
    Programmable PID Controllers
    Our PID controllers have the ability to control more than two channels simultaneously in any applications. They also highlight the fast sampling cycle, simultaneous cooling control, effective communication support as well as simultaneous heating control system. These controllers have SSR voltage as their control output method.
    Switch Mode Power Supply
    Our switch mode power supply delivers elevated power conversion productivity alongside balanced power supply with ripple, low noise, and least heat generation. It can be simply clipped into DIN rails or attached using screws. Furthermore, the compact and slim outline permits area-saving installation.
    Vision Sensors
    This Autonics Vision Sensor is incorporated with bright LED lights. It functions on global shutter mechanism for precise picture capturing alongside least motion blur. This sensor has improved optical performance alongside light interference prevention advancement. In addition, it has an inspection simulation function.

    ABB Electromagnetic Products
    These ABB make products are designed with advanced technologies to ensure maximum results. They are precisely designed products provided with maintenance-free design to ensure to meet different demands of varied sectors. 
    Piston Valves
    These durable and hard-wearing Piston Valves are used to control the fluid motion along a tube or pipe. They are widely used in brass instruments and pneumatic cannons.
    Honeywell Torque Sensor
    Our Torque Sensor is primarily utilized for recording as well as measuring torque on pivoting systems such as crankshafts, engines, gearboxes and allied products. This has outstanding sensing ability under tough operating condition. Our sensor has rust safe outline and compact design that makes it simple to install in any place.