Dew Point Transmitter

Dew Point Transmitter

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  • 18000 INR/Number
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Product Description

A Dew Point Transmitter is a device that measures the temperature at which moisture begins to condense from a gas, usually air. This can measure dew points ranging from below-freezing to high levels of humidity. It is used in a variety of industries and settings where humidity levels must be monitored and controlled.

Features of Dew Point Transmitter:

  • The measurement range of this transmitter varies depending on the model and application.
  • To provide reliable and precise measurements, it should be highly accurate. 
  • This transmitter typically outputs a signal that can be used to control other devices, such as a building automation system or a process control system. 
  • Our provided dew point transmitter's response time is the time it takes for the sensor to detect changes in dew point temperature. 
  • A variety of sensor types, such as chilled mirror sensors, capacitive sensors, and resistive sensors, can be used in these transmitters. 

Applications of Dew Point Transmitter:

  • This transmitter can be used to monitor and control humidity levels in buildings via heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 
  • This helps to keep the indoor environment comfortable and prevents problems like mold growth, condensation, and corrosion.
  • It is used to maintain optimal humidity levels in various industrial processes such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, and semiconductor manufacturing. 
  • This Dew Point Transmitter can aid in the prevention of product spoilage, the reduction of production downtime, and the maintenance of product quality.
  • This is used to measure humidity levels in the air in weather stations and meteorological applications. This aids in the prediction of weather conditions and the tracking of changes in weather patterns.
  • Our Dew Point Transmitter is used to measure the moisture content of natural gas in the natural gas industry. This helps to prevent pipeline corrosion and ensure safe natural gas transportation.
  • It can be used in compressed air systems to monitor moisture levels and prevent equipment damage caused by excess moisture.


1: What is a dew point transmitter?

Ans: A dew point transmitter is a device that measures the temperature at which moisture begins to condense from a gas, usually air.

2: What is the operation of a dew point transmitter?

Ans: A sensor is typically used in this transmitter to measure the dew point temperature of a gas. The sensor may employ a variety of technologies, including chilled mirror, capacitive, or resistive sensors.

3: What are the advantages of employing a dew point transmitter?

Ans: By monitoring and controlling humidity levels in buildings, industrial processes, and natural gas systems, this transmitter can help to prevent issues like mould growth, condensation, and corrosion.

4: Which industries make use of dew point transmitters?

Ans: HVAC, industrial processes, weather monitoring, compressed air systems, and natural gas production all use these transmitters.

5: What is the precision of these transmitters?

Ans: These transmitters with measurements expressed in temperature or as a percentage of the measured value can have high accuracy.

6: Dew point transmitters can they be calibrated?

Ans: To ensure accurate measurements, most transmitters can be calibrated.

7: What are the typical dew point transmitter outputs?

Ans: These transmitters generate an output signal that can be used to control other devices such as a building automation or process control system.

8: Is there a variety of dew point transmitters?

Ans: There are different types of transmitters, such as portable, online, and laboratory grade, as well as different sensor types used for different applications, such as chilled mirror, capacitive, or resistive sensors.
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